Shoe lovin'

Salam sisters My name is Mya from Sydney Australia and my blogspot is http://myazfashionspot.blogspot.com/!
Anyway firstly I would like to say Alhamdulliah we have a great network of sisters here who can share their joys and experinces in shopping!
Today I would like to share my love of shoes! Thats right somehow us woman can never seem to get enough of them?? Am I right? LOL
So today I decieded to do my regular grocery shopping with bubba , when suddenly I walk past a shop called shoebox and there the most yummiest yes gorjuz pair of shoes! I fell in love with them! Somehow I shrugged the feeling of myself to go into the store! I kept walking around the mall doing shopping but at the back of my mind all I could think about was these yummy shoes! Should I buy? or should I not? gahhhhh..!

 And of course u guess it ladies I bought them they didnt have my size (boo!) but they said they can ordered them in for me (YAY!) lol
I cant WAIT for them to arrive I tried the black once in my size and they were soooo comfy!!

Here are my babies-to-be that I'm in love with:

There called Horizan 2 in colour Taupe!! (Brand : Therapy)

The shop I bought them from is called Shoebox and they have alot of variety of fashionaly shoes!!!
OMG I have to say this again but I cant wait for them to arrive Insyallah! YAY!

Salams and have a great day everyone


Its party time : Jom Shopping


Assalamualaikum Sisters !

I am sure many of you must have been wondering what is 'Jom' (pronounce as joum)
Jom is a word in Malay language or here known as Bahasa Malaysia- our mother tongue.

Given the phrase above it means ' Lets shopping' or ' Lets go shopping'.

Word of today : Jom = Lets

So do you wanna shop with me in Malaysia? Lets take a look at what the nearest shops or outlets can offer me with a bargain of $100 equivalent to Malaysia Ringgits (MYR) 314 . I will post based on what I have in my closet and bought recently. I am not a big fan of dress but I do love long top so I'm gonna share with you all what it takes to look good my way where you spend less but still stays on top of the list...

Dont you just love it ?

Mission : Party Oufit
Mode : Casual
Budget: $100 = MYR314

Party right? Usual party has its own theme so I've decided to go with Arabic style..hence the Harem pants! I love Harem pants, cotton harem pants especially because it is so comfortable to wear easy to match with shirts and simple top. This is also suitable for those who are in a very limited budget. Btw, do you know what Harem pants is? Let me show you the example how to style with Harem pants ! =D

 source: i lup fashion

 ~Its pretty cool huh? but the one I have here is more appropriate for muslim girls =D Let the show begins ~


The full length of the party outfit =P~ Arabian Style (well perhaps not so much =D)

And how much do I spend for the whole attire? Lets see how much each outfit costs me? 

The basic items :
The Purple Cotton Long Cardigan - USD 13 = RM40
Pink Short Sleeves Top with beads- USD 3 = RM10
Purple Cotton Harem Pants - USD 10 = RM30
Pink Cotton Shawl with Butterfly Bling2 - USD 7 = RM20
Current Total = USD 33 ~RM100
But of course with that extra cash in your hand you can opt for more accessories to play with like : 

Bronze Sandal - USD 8 = RM25
Colurful Beads Necklace - USD2.9 =  RM9
Metalic Bracelet - USD 3 = R10

So total amount I've spent = USD 47 or  RM144 ! Half the price right ? and yet you can still look gorgeous. =P

Most of the clothes I bought at local stores in Penang, where you get to shop so many types of clothes from Chinese style to Indian style...so variety and cheap tooooo . The best time to shop is when they have SALE! huhu 

I admit I aint a fashion expert. But you dont really have to be like one to dress great like Princess Diana right? So no worries if you have a very limited budget, you can still go to party or any occasions !

Salam and Happy weekend !
Blog: http://jijana.blogspot.com/

Shopping for hijab friendly clothing in Male’, Maldives

Salaams sisters, I’m Shamma; a fashion blogger from Male’ (pronounced: /məːle/) the capital of Maldives and I would like to share with you about shopping for hijab friendly clothing in Male’.
I am an abaya wearer and I usually order my abayas online or get them sewn by local tailors.  There are a wide range of fabrics available here in Male’ and most hijabis prefer to buy fabric and have their outfits stitched. There are many stores dealing with different kinds of fabrics, from denim to jersey to satin and cotton and a wide variety of hijab materials as well.

I visited the above store with a friend who wanted to get some fabric her to make some shirts for work. She said that there are many clothing stores that sell shirts but she rarely gets her size and most shirts have short/ elbow length sleeves which are not appropriate office wear for a hijabi. The materials are usually priced in half yards (which a measurement known as ‘Muh’ in the Maldivian language Dhivehi).  Prices usually vary from $1 to $ 5 per half yard depending on the type and quality of the fabric. There are also richer fabrics with embroidery, lace/bead work with prices ranging from $20 to $50 per half yard. *

However there are a few shops that sell abayas as well. The abayas that are sold are all mostly black with colourful Indian embroidery and bead/mirror work done on them. Prices range from $25 to $50 for an abaya, depending on its material and embroidery. 

One thing I love about shopping in Male’ is its abundance in shops that sell hijabs. There are many shops that deal in different types of hijabs (square, rectangular, wrap, bonnet, pashmina, slip on etc.) and therefore you get a large variety of hijabs to choose from a number of stores. The stores also usually deal in hijab pins/ brooches and caps/bands that you wear underneath your headscarves. Square hijabs are in more abundance and cheaper in the stores than the rectangular hijabs, prices range from $2 to $20 per hijab depending on the quality/embroidery etc.  There are a wide range of printed hijabs available in shops as well.  Rectangular hijabs are a bit more expensive with prices ranging from $5 to $12 per hijab.


Male’ also boasts of many stores and boutique shops dealing in readymade clothing of various designs and are in fact quite pricey. There is just one or two branded stores and most clothing stores/boutiques usually import clothes from nearby countries like Thailand, Srilanka and India. However the latest trends in clothing are easily available from most boutique shops that usually sell one piece items in clothing, accessories and shoes. 

Maldivian hijabis usually wear jeans/pants and t-shirts, tunics or dresses with cardigans or body suits/tees underneath so stores usually have these types of clothes for sale, however if you look hard enough you might find a pretty skirt/maxi dress. There are a few shops that only specialize in accessories but accessories are usually sold in shops that sell clothing/fabric. Shoes and handbags are sold in separate shops that specialize in these products however you might stumble upon unique shoe and handbag finds in boutique shops as well.

Shoes and accessories are quite pricey in boutique shops and somewhat reasonable in the bigger ‘sale’ stores. Prices range from $14 to $50 or higher depending on the quality / brand of the item.
Clothes are also cheaper in the larger ‘sale’ stores than in boutiques. Prices range from $ 25 and higher depending on the quality and brand of clothing.  Though there is a possibility of finding cheaper deals in shops now and then. 

I’d like to see clothing stores in Male’ especially for hijabis with pieces from Muslim clothing companies and Islamic clothing designers. I hope I’d see a store like that from Male’ someday!
I hope you liked my article. Feel free to comment and ask me anything more about shopping in Male’, I’ll try to answer your questions to the best of my ability.

I’d like to thank Shaha from lil fashion diary and my friends for going with me on window shopping expeditions to help me write this article. Thank you girls!


*note:  1 Maldivian Ruffiya is equivalent to $0.08