2010 Best Retailer Award

Assalamu Alaykum ... Peace Be On You :)

By the Grace of Allah Almighty SSOUQ will organize the 2010 Best Retailer Award.

This award will emphasize on Delivering Happiness i.e. Trust, Excellent Quality and Customer Service. We are keen on knowing how many customers our retailers have made happy and not their sales figures. Let’s leave that to the tax office and their investors :)

As a SSOUQ member, you’ll get to vote for the best retailer that made shopping online a happy experience for you.

We will announce further details after the 2010 Best Blog Award competition. In the meantime, please let me know what you think about this exciting news.

Thank you,

Amber Misk


Rania said...


Amber, I think you always have many brilliant ideas!

Yes, I think this award would be an awesome reward for the retailer since they have gave us happiness. This award also important for the retailers because this will increase the customers' trust to them, so, as the result hopefully, will increase their sales figures.

SSouq said...

"Retailers if you haven't decided yet to partner with us, I hope Rania's thoughts will convince you"