Intention: First Promotional Giveaways will go to

Assalamu Alaykum Sisters :)

Insha Allah first promotional giveaways will be awarded to the following sisters:

Neverever for inspiring us to create SSOUQ

Rania (first member on blogger)

Bubbli (first member on twitter)

Amel (first member on facebook)

Also, we intend to giveaway our generous sponsor's promotional gifts to SSOUQ members on twitter and facebook.

Sisters, once you receive your gifts please show your appreciation, by posting a product review on SSOUQ (click here to see what we expect from you) and place our sponsor’s ad on your personal blog for one month.

In the meantime, I kindly request you to pray that many retailers join SSOUQ and benefit from our partnership :)

Thanks for your support :)
Amber Misk


Rania said...


Dear Amber, thank you... thank you so much for this :)And you have been working hard for this. If you need any help of mine, don't be hesitate to tell me. If I can do it, I'd be glad to help you.

Can we know which retailers have you contacted? Have you listed them, can we give an input about retailers you possibly miss out?

How about designers who have online shop? Can we contact them to see would they like to contribute on SSOUQ or on Best Blog Award's prize? I love Maysaa, Elenany, Irna La Perle, and Dian Pelangi's designs.

What do you think of this?

And of course, we need more and more members/followers first before the retailers/designers get interested in what we're working on.

To all sisters, let's make this come true! :)


SSouq said...

Assalamu Alaykum Rania :)

So far I contacted around 15 :) You can see the list on twitter (following) and some on facebook (retailers on FB are not following us yet).

As for the ones you mentioned I haven't, because we don't have many members.

Insha Allah you and other sisters who want to help will work together in the new group we'll create on June 30 called "Promote Us"

Thanks Rania for helping and spreading the word, I wish there very many like you on our network :)


SSouq said...

Oops spelling error it should read:

I wish there WERE many like you on our network :)

Amber Misk