Ramadan Joy: 30 Retailers, 30 Quizzes, and 30 Promotional Gifts

Assalamu alaykum Sisters :)

Insha Allah we plan to celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan in a special way. We are going to invite generous retailers to post Islamic quizzes to our members/fans and you get the chance to win a promotional gift. 

However, I need your help to increase the number of our followers on facebook to 3000+.  Insha Allah it’s possible. All we need is enthusiastic and loving hearts who are willing to help.

SSOUQ members on facebook are kindly requested to invite 10 authentic friends. We want really fans; that like to shop online, love discounts and love to have fun.

So if you bring 10 authentic friends, each of them will bring in 10 more and so forth…. Insha Allah we’ll get 3000+ by end Shaban.

Go spread the word and Rania and I will go invite some generous retailers.
Pray that we get 30 generous retailers :) Ameen

Amber Misk


riesta said...

ooo,,,i don't have facebook account...

Anonymous said...

i invited nearly all my friends! lets hope they reply!