Special News: Marocmama Gone Spicy

Assalamu Alaykum :)

As you know SSOUQ is open for small businesses to advertise their new products or special discounts or any news related to their business for free. And today I have a special announcement.

One of our members on sisterswhoblog network has taken a plunge into the world of business. I’d like to support her endeavours, because I know what it feels like starting something new. It can be scary at times no matter how good your product is. However, with your support small businesses in our community will flourish. So with the intention of giving her a sisterhood support, I’d like to introduce her business to you today.

Amera (aka Amanda) specializes in Moroccan Cuisine. She generously shares her recipes with the online community thru her blog .

Her business marocmama-market intends to bring you the finest and freshest spices from Morocco. So, if you are interested in spicing your Ramadan and Eid dishes, try her recipes along with her special Moroccan spices.

Congratulations Amera :)

Amber Misk

Image: femmenoir

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