Did you say thank you to Bellissima Scarves?

Assalamu Alaykum :)

Ramadan Festivity Sponsor: Bellissima Scarves
Quiz #: 1
Gift: a beautiful scarf of your choice
Facebook page: Click here

Let’s say thank you to Bellissima Scarves for sponsoring our event and gifting one lucky winner a beautiful scarf of her choice. By completing the “Sponsor’s Survey” you've practically said a big thank you. Allah Bless You. Ameen :)

Insha Allah your constructive comments will help  Bellissima Scarves improve their service.

Sponsor's Survey

Site:  Please rate their site from 1 to 5 stars.

Images of Products: Do you like the quality of photos displayed?

Prices: Are the prices reasonable? 

Products: Do you like their products?

Purchases:  Have you bought anything from them? If yes, were you satisfied with your purchase? 

Recommendation: Would you recommend them to your friends?

Other: Is there anything else you’d like to suggest so they can improve?

Thank you for your honest feedback.

Amber Misk


dsy said...

1. 3
2. Yes
3. It looks a bit expensive but I'm not very sure about this since I haven't bought any yet, but the scarves look very pretty so it might be quite reasonable
4. I'm very interested with the products!
5. Not yet
6. Yes
7. maybe Bellissima can do affiliation for buyers worldwide to lower the shipping price

Mustika Sari Sayuti said...

1. 3
2. Yes, beautiful scarves!
3. good prices for good quality. :)
4. definitely
5. not yet
6. of course :)
7. it will be good if Bellissisma can display more photos of its scarves, plus in bigger thumbnails.