First Quiz: Sponsored by Bellissima Scarves

Assalamu Alaykum :)
First I'd like to wish you a blessed and joyful Ramadan. May Allah Almighty forgive us and help us do good work and  fast this holy month sincerely. Ameen :)

Now lets start with the first quiz of SSOUQ's Ramadan Festivity:

When did the first revelation of the Holy Quran start?

A)  1st of Ramadan

B)  28th of Ramadan

C)  21st of Ramadan

Please select one of the 3 options A or B or C. If you answer correctly Bellissima Scarves will gift you a beautiful scarf of your choice.

Thank you Bellissima Scarves

1 comment:

Rania said...

Thank you for this opportunity... :)

It's a hard question because we never know when the Lailatul Qodr is.

But I try to answer. My answer is: C. 21st of Ramadan