Survey: Ta-Ha Publishers

Assalamu Alaykum :)

Ramadan Festivity Sponsor: Ta-Ha Publishers
Gift:  "The Book of Islamic Dynasties" by Luqman Nagy
Quiz # 18

Let’s say thank you to Ta-Ha Publishers for sponsoring our Ramadan Festivity and gifting one lucky winner an interesting educational book. By completing the “Sponsor’s Survey” you've practically said a big thank you. Allah Bless You. Ameen :)

Insha Allah your constructive comments will help Ta-Ha Publishers improve their service.

Here's the survey:

Sponsor's Site: Please rate their site from 1 to 5 stars.

Images of Products: Do you like the quality of photos displayed?

Prices: Are the prices reasonable?

Books: Do you like their collection of books?

Purchases: Have you bought anything from them? If yes, were you satisfied with your purchase?

Recommendation: Would you recommend them to your friends?

Other: Is there anything else you’d like to suggest so they can improve?

Thank you for your honest feedback.

Amber Misk

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