Assalamu Alaykum :)

Today I am going to talk about my semi-vegetarian diet experience. I want to share with you my personal quest for eating healthy halal meat. (organic/fresh/natural).

Ever since the incident of the Maple Leaf Foods meat recall in Canada, I stopped eating meat for nearly one year and half except for fish. I also found out that our neighborhood butcher was buying his supply of chicken from them. So I said good bye to chicken as well.

During this personal boycott of meat, I ate legumes, grains and vegetables. Though I felt healthy and light, I looked very pale, and noticed the following side effects, so I gradually got back to eating meat twice a month.

Side effects 
  • Loss of weight
  • Loss/thinning of hair
  • Black circles under the eyes
From my personal experience I’d advise you, dear sister, to start asking your local butcher where he gets his meat from and do some research if you want to eat healthy meat. Look for suppliers who sell halal organic / natural meat and don’t cut back totally on meat, but just eat less for a healthy diet.

Mr. Fahim, owner Blossompure

Check out these suppliers:

Wish you best of health ... Ameen :)

Amber Misk

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Azra Momin said...

Amber, we are in the same boat!!! Although, I haven't given up on meat entirely, my consumption is defintely almost nil, but I do eat fish about twice a month...The thing that turned me away was the realization that Zabiha does not mean Tayyib, and therefore detracts from the quality of being Halal - maybe I'm wrong? But it was enough to fill me with distaste. Thanks for those links - I'm going to check them out!
Oh, and nuts and moong dal - good stuff if you don't eat meat. Just don't fall into the tofu trap :) We eat free-range eggs, but I'm almost certain the feed has soy in it, so I hardly even eat those anymore :(
It's important Muslims begin to question their meat suppliers - thank you for the great post.