Great Deals under $150: Dayak Inspiration

From: Indonesia

What happen if someone who is not fashionable, don't like shopping, joined window shopping challenge?
That's me!! :))

I take this challenge to promote Dayak Handicraft.
Dayak people lives in Borneo/Kalimantan, where i live now. Kalimantan is well known on gemstone and rattan. so it's easy to find good and cheap jewellery here.
Go to Kebun Sayur traditonal market, you can bargain. I got IDR 50.000 for an ethnic stone necklace from its original price is IDR 100.000. IDR 10.000 for each stone bracelet and only IDR 5.000 for earings (and..... guess what? i bought some jewelleries for i sell again hehe.... so, if you want this jewellery just call me  ^_^ )
What kind of scarf, shoes, and clutch that match with those jewelleries?
Mmm... how about Painted Scarf? or embroidery and sequin? Black and White always in :)
(i found the colourful one from soulmateartcraft, the price only IDR 50.000 in Jakarta)
And the last is to find Shoes and Clutch.
Lucky me!, i found this flowery and colourful shoes. and for the clutch i'm back to dayak handicraft, these are dayak's motif, and i please you to pick the colour :))
How much money we'll spend for those things?
IDR 140.000 for a pair of black flowery colourful shoes
IDR   50.000 for a colourful ethnic beads clutch
IDR   10.000 for cutie round earrings
IDR   50.000 for a ethnic stone necklace
IDR   20.000 for 2 bracelets, black and white
IDR   90.000 for an embroidery sequin scarf
Total amount: IDR 360.000 (approx. US $ 40)

clutch pics are taken from here and here
IDR: Indonesia Rupiah (currency)
US $ 1 = approx. IDR 9.000


rialive said...

MashaAllah, I love the accessories!!
the shoes are not my style, also the hijab, they're too complicated :D
But I'm sure you look amazing wearing them.

sisters hugs!
wa salam

SSouq said...

Insha Allah when I visit Indonesia I want to go shopping with you :)

Masha Allah, great savings and lovely products :)

Amber Misk

Azra Momin said...

You'll definitely have a very co-ordinated look for that party!! Lovely collection, and HANDMADE!!!
Handmade rules :)

Dewi Citra said...

Masya ALLAH, you did a great job on getting that great bargain !
The clutch and the shoes are my favorite
Can't wait to see you wear them :)

mirsavirdiani said...

Thanks for ur comments and appreciations sisters,

i'd love to go shopping with u Amber :)
yes, this challenge has opened another side of me: a good bargainer. lol
mmm... i don't know am i confident enough to wear those things??