Great Deals Under $150

This is my "Best Deal" for the special party!

Scarf: Unbranded, from an Indian retailer: $19

Bracelets: Claire's: $16.60 for both

Earrings and Necklace: Claire's

Earrings: $8.30

Necklace: $11.90

Shoes: Cinema Club: $24

Clutch: Unbranded: $58.90

The clutch was the most expensive by far, but also the cutest ;)

Grand total: $138.70!

(All prices converted from Japanese yen to US dollars using


SSouq said...

yes I agree the clutch is expensive ... but pretty it goes well with the other accessories.

Like the scarf $19 ... same price in Toronto :)

You saved, that's good in Japan.

Thanks Alia :)

Amber Misk

Azra Momin said...

Love that scarf - sequins - yum!
Cute, cute collection, MashaAllah!