Shoe lovin'

Salam sisters My name is Mya from Sydney Australia and my blogspot is http://myazfashionspot.blogspot.com/!
Anyway firstly I would like to say Alhamdulliah we have a great network of sisters here who can share their joys and experinces in shopping!
Today I would like to share my love of shoes! Thats right somehow us woman can never seem to get enough of them?? Am I right? LOL
So today I decieded to do my regular grocery shopping with bubba , when suddenly I walk past a shop called shoebox and there the most yummiest yes gorjuz pair of shoes! I fell in love with them! Somehow I shrugged the feeling of myself to go into the store! I kept walking around the mall doing shopping but at the back of my mind all I could think about was these yummy shoes! Should I buy? or should I not? gahhhhh..!

 And of course u guess it ladies I bought them they didnt have my size (boo!) but they said they can ordered them in for me (YAY!) lol
I cant WAIT for them to arrive I tried the black once in my size and they were soooo comfy!!

Here are my babies-to-be that I'm in love with:

There called Horizan 2 in colour Taupe!! (Brand : Therapy)

The shop I bought them from is called Shoebox and they have alot of variety of fashionaly shoes!!!
OMG I have to say this again but I cant wait for them to arrive Insyallah! YAY!

Salams and have a great day everyone

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